A Software development company

Midas Infotouchwas founded in 2003, by its owner Atul Kolpek  . Due to very small inputs, relatively low salaries our company's gross profit increases each month. Midas Infotouch currently has two main business orientations. The first is software development for MS Windows operation system. The second is development and support of web sites (full service) for small and medium business. The company locates in Ahmednagar very close to Pune (India). It enjoys every advantage of location. Those are  low capital spending on software development and highest qualification of software engineers. Today the company's staff consists of 5 people. We are interested in expanding our team, you can find out who we need right now

Why Midas Infotouch ?

We feel what our customers want.
 Our competitive edge is wide knowledge and skills in the field of IT. It empowers us with a strong understanding of customers' needs, and flexibility of choosing development tools. We can have a good conversation with practically everyone in our customers' team. We control the quality of products keeping a hundred of its properties in our mind.
We know mathematics on a high level, and it gives us a big advantage over other "programmers".
Well, in other words, we feel ourselves right at home when it comes to software and web site development. No wonder, after you get what you want, you'll exclaim "Well Done, guys!".

Business relationship

Good business relationship is more expensive than money .
We concentrate on your needs. We want to know who the people that need our help are. We can't be a company without face, serving impersonal customers. We maximize personal conversation with you and the people who work with you.
Setting to the work, we let you know that you can count on us in future, when you need technical support or product update, or just competent consultation. We think that good business relationship is more expensive than money.
That's why we emphasize personal conversation with current and potential customers, and our former customers' reference, with their names and photos.